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Appropriate, valid, and reliable evaluations are essential to the continued progress of simulation in health care education. The Advanced Evaluation course is designed to help educators understand the importance of robust participant evaluation strategies and identify strategies for simulation evaluation using Kirkpatrick's (1994) levels of evaluation, ranging from participants' reactions to simulation, to longer-term results that take place because of simulation. Using this structure, the Advanced Evaluation course is designed to help educators understand and apply the concepts of validity and reliability to simulation evaluation.


    Describe the importance of participant evaluation in simulation.
  1. Identify strategies for simulation evaluation using Kirkpatrick's levels including evaluation of: a) participants' reactions to simulation, b) participants' learning from simulation, c) changes in participants' behaviors as a result of simulation activities, d) and longer-term results in practice that take place because of simulation activities.
  2. Apply concepts of reliability and validity to evaluation instrument selection and use.
  3. Critique a participant evaluation instrument from your current or future simulation practice.

About the Authors

Katie AdamsonKatie Haerling, PhD, RN

Katie Haerling is an Associate Professor at the University of Washington Tacoma in the Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Program. Her current research includes the use of simulation to examine the effect of incivility on emotional status, team behavior, and performance, and a cost-utility analysis comparing virtual and mannequin-based simulation activities. Her research mission is to help identify the most effective and efficient ways to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals, and contribute to the evidence-base supporting better healthcare education. She believes improving healthcare providers' education will support improved healthcare and a healthier nation and world.

Suzie Kardong-EdgrenSuzan (Suzie) Kardong-Edgren PhD, RN, ANEF. CHSE, FAAN

Suzan (Suzie) Kardong-Edgren PhD, RN, ANEF, CHSE is a professor and Director of the Regional Research and Innovation in Simulation Education (RISE) Center at Robert Morris University in Moon Township, PA. She is an internationally known simulation researcher, educator, and the Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Simulation in Nursing, the flagship journal for the International Nursing Association of Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL). Dr. Edgren is the Vice President for Research for the INACSL. She was awarded the Excellence in Educational Research award by the National League for Nursing (NLN) in 2012 and the prestigious Debra Spunt Endowed Lectureship in simulation by the NLN in 2010. Dr. Edgren also teaches in the MS in Medical Simulation program at the Drexel College of Medicine. 

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