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This is a directory of individuals who have completed the Leadership Program for Simulation Educators, a year-long NLN program directed by Dr. Pamela Jeffries. Twenty individuals per year are accepted into this highly competitive program. This directory identifies their specific areas of simulation expertise and scholarship along with contact information. They are available for collaboration and consultation.

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Schneidereith, Tonya

Tonya Schneidereith

Year of Participation in Leadership Program for Simulation Educators


Education (Degree, Focus Areas, Year)

PhD, Nursing - 2003
MSN, Pediatric Critical Care Nurse Practitioner Program - 1993
BSN, Nursing - 1988

Current Employer/Affiliation

Associate Professor of Nursing
Stevenson University
Stevenson, MD 21153

Most Recent/Selected Simulation-related Publications/Presentations

Most Recent Publications:
Schneidereith, T.A. (2015). Seeing Through Google Glass: Using an Innovative Technology to Improve Medication Safety Behaviors in Undergraduate Nursing Students. Nursing Education Perspectives 36(5), 337-339. doi: 10.5480/15-1653

Schneidereith, T. (2014). Using simulations to identify nursing student behaviors: A longitudinal study of medication administration. Journal of Nursing Education, 53(2), 89-92. doi: 10.3928/01484834-20140122-07

Most Recent Presentations:
Schneidereith, T. (Podium, 2016). Dosage Miscalculations at the Point of Care: New Views and New Perspectives. Stevenson University Scholars' Showcase, Kaleidoscope: Changing the Picture. Stevenson, MD.

Schneidereith, T., Herrington, A., Bensfield, L., Hawkins, K., Sule, E, and Thurling, C.H. (Poster, 2015). Integrating Simulation into the Curriculum: What Does it Really Mean? 10th Annual National League for Nursing/ Elsevier Technology Conference, Tampa, FL.

Schneidereith, T. (Poster, 2015). Using Google Glass to Identify Medication Administration Behaviors in Undergraduate Nursing Students. 10th Annual National League for Nursing/ Elsevier Technology Conference, Tampa, FL.

Schneidereith, T. (Podium, 2015). Google Glass: An Innovative Teaching-Learning Method to Improve Medication Administration Safety in Nursing Students. Stevenson University Scholars' Showcase, Discoveries: From Centers to Margins. Stevenson, MD.

Schneidereith, T. (Poster, 2013). Using Technology to Increase Safety: Can the iPad Influence Medication Administration in Simulation? 8th Annual National League for Nursing/ Elsevier Technology Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Other Accomplishments

Innovative Teaching with Technology Award
"Seeing through Google Glass: Using an innovative technology to improve medication safety behaviors in nursing students,” Stevenson University.

CNE (Certified Nurse Educator)
CHSE (Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator)

Availability for Consulation or Collaboration

Faculty Development, Curricular Integration of Simulation

Would be interested in collaborating with others on multi-site medication safety simulation project

Contact Information


Stennett, Randall

Year of Participation in Leadership Program for Simulation Educators


Education (Degree, Focus Areas, Year)

MSN, Nursing, (FNP) - 1999
BSN, Nursing - 1981

Current Employer/Affiliation

Covenant School of Nursing
Simulation Coordinator
Lubbock, Texas

Most Recent/Selected Simulation-related Publications/Presentations

Recent Presentations:
INACSL, 2014, Podium presentation, Improving Deliberate Practice: The Magic of a Collaborative Protocol, Randall Stennett, Sharon Decker, Sandra Caballero, Jennifer Timmerman.

NLN Technology Conference, 2013, A Coast to Coast Collaboration: Building Bridges for Practice Partners Project; Melanie Cason, Anna Hefner, Lynn Phillips, Janeen Berndt, N. Kathleen McGuire, Randall Stennett.

INACSL, 2012, Podium presentation, Evaluating and Obtaining Annual Competencies Utilizing Simulation in Pediatric Intensive Care; Randall Stennett, Sharon Decker, Shannon Shuttlesworth, Gwen Davis.

INACSL, 2010, Podium presentation, Utilizing a Template for Scenario Creation, Randall Stennett, Tracey, Hillary Hart-Moreno, Sharon Decker.

Other Accomplishments

CHSE (Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator)

Availability for Consulation or Collaboration

Areas of Interest:
Deliberate Practice
Transition to Practice

Contact Information


(806) 725-0295

Sullivan-Mann, Joann

Year of participation in Leadership Program for Simulation Educators


Education (Degree, Focus areas, Year)

MSN - University of Cincinnati, 1986
BSN - College of Mt. St. Joseph, 1973

Current Employer/Affiliation

TriHealth/Good Samaritan College of Nursing
Cincinnati, Ohio
Professor of Nursing
Simulation & Skill's Lab Coordinator

Most Recent/Selected Simulation-related Publications/Presentations

Poster Presentations:
The Effects of Simulation on Students' Perception of Learning @ Beyond the Boundaries: Evolving Simulation & Skills to the Next Generation of Healthcare Conference for Tri-State Nursing Simulation & Skill's Lab Consortium 10/13.

Podium Presentations:
Evaluation Methods for Simulation @ Sharpening Your Simulation Skills Conference @ University of Cincinnati 8/13.

Leadership and Lifelong Learning with Simulation.
Ohio League for Nursing - Nursing Education Summit.
Columbus, Ohip. 3/12.

Emergencies and Simulation: Safety and Survival Using Simulation. Neonatal Nurse Leaders Conference.
General Butler State Park, Kentucky. 4/12.

The Effects of Simulation on Nursing Students' Critical Thinking Scores. A Quantitative Study. Newborn & Infant Reviews. Vol.9. No.2. June 2009.

Other Accomplishments

Leadership in Nursing Award - Distinguished Nurse Educator. Presented by the College of Mount St. Joseph. 2009.

Availability for Consultation or Collaboration

Available by request.

Contact Information

Good Samaritan College of Nursing & Health Science
375 Dixmyth Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220