Simulation Leader Directory

This is a directory of individuals who have completed the Leadership Program for Simulation Educators, a year-long NLN program directed by Dr. Pamela Jeffries. Twenty individuals per year are accepted into this highly competitive program. This directory identifies their specific areas of simulation expertise and scholarship along with contact information. They are available for collaboration and consultation.

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Lamb, Mary J.

Mary Lamb

Year of Participation in Leadership Program for Simulation Educators


Education (Degree, Focus Areas, Year)

DNP, Critical Thinking in Nursing, 2009
MSN, Nursing Education, 1989

Current Employer/Affiliation

Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences, Shanghai China
Bob Jones University, Greenville SC

Most Recent/Selected Simulation-related Publications/Presentations

Recent Presentations:
Using Simulation to teach critical thinking skills
Shanghai East International Hospital

Statistical comparison of the Associate-BSN-MSN ratio of nurses in US Vs Chinese hospitals

Other Accomplishments

CEO of Foreign Nursing Educational Services FNES LLC
Nursing Research Consultant - Shanghai Education Group
Research consultant - Shanghai branch Laerdal

Availability for Consulation or Collaboration

Would be interested in collaborating with projects involving international nursing education or partnerships

Contact Information

US Phone: 864-346-0592