Simulation Leader Directory

This is a directory of individuals who have completed the Leadership Program for Simulation Educators, a year-long NLN program directed by Dr. Pamela Jeffries. Twenty individuals per year are accepted into this highly competitive program. This directory identifies their specific areas of simulation expertise and scholarship along with contact information. They are available for collaboration and consultation.

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Forneris, Susan Gross

Susan Gross Forneris

Year of Participation in Leadership Program for Simulation Educators


Education (Degree, Focus Areas, Year)

PhD, Nursing, minor in Educational Psychology - 2005
MS, Nursing Education - 1987
BA, Nursing - 1981

Current Employer/Affiliation

National League for Nursing
Simulation Scholar in Residence
Washington, DC

Associate Professor
Department of Nursing
Henrietta Schmoll School of Health
St. Catherine University
St. Paul, MN

Most Recent/Selected Simulation-related Publications/Presentations

Most Recent Publications:
Forneris, S.G. (2014) George Palo in NLN Advancing Care Excellence for Alzheimer's Patients: National League for Nursing

Forneris, S. G., Crownover, J. G., Dorsey, L. E., Leahy, N., Maas, M. A., Wong, L., Zabriskie, A., and Zavertnik, J. E. (2012). Integrating QSEN and ACES: An NLN simulation leader project. Nursing Education Perspectives, 33(3), 184-187.

Most Recent Presentations:
Webinar - Feb. 2014: "The NLN Unfolding Cases: Teaching Strategies for Alzheimer's Patients and Their Caregivers." (Forneris, S. and Tavolaro-Ryley, L.). NLN Simulation Webinar, Washington, DC.

Webinar - Oct. 2013: "How to Evaluation Simulation: Operationalizing Strategies" (Forneris, S.). NLN Simulation Webinar, Washington, DC.

Research Paper Presentation - July, 2013: "Enhancing Clinical Reasoning: Teaching Thinking through Debriefing” (Forneris, S., Neal, D., Tiffany, J., Kuehn M.B., Blazovich, L., Myers, L., Meyer, H, Pivec, C.) 24th Annual International Nursing Research Congress Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society
Prague, Czech Republic

Other Accomplishments

Fellowship 2013-14
National League for Nursing - Simulation Scholar in Residence

CHSE-A (Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator - Advanced)
CNE (Certified Nurse Educator)

2012 Debra Spunt mini-research grant recipient - Co-Investigator for MN Nursing Education Research Consortium multi-site study debriefing and clinical reasoning.

Availability for Consulation or Collaboration

Would be interested in collaborating with others on a multi-site simulation research initiative

Contact Information