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Massachusetts - Framingham State University

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Framingham State University

Name of Sim Center: The FSU Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Location: Framingham, MA
Sim Center Highlights: Two hospital suites, one community suite, a debriefing room, and a state-of-the-art control room running SimView and LLEAP. Full audio/visual capabilities, voice changers, SimPad Plus, BabySim, SimJunior, NursingAnne, MegaCodeKelly, ACLS SimMan and a SimManEssential.

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Contact: Dr. Cynthia Bechtel PhD, RN
Phone: (508) 620-1220

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Massachusetts - Holyoke Community College

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Holyoke Community College

Name of Sim Center: Holyoke Community College SimUcenter
Location: Holyoke, MA

Sim Center Highlights: The SimUcenter at HCC is an 1150 square foot mid-fidelity and high-fidelity simulation lab. The mid fidelity area consists of two double bed patient rooms with four vital sims. The high fiedlity portion contains two patient rooms . One adult and one pediatric. Both are fully functioning acute care hospital rooms. We have two Laerdal SimMans, One Gaumard Pediatric Hal and one vital sim baby.

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Contact: Michelle Sherlin RN BSN
Phone: (413) 552-2090

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Massachusetts - Middlesex Community College

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Middlesex Community College

Name of Sim Center: MCC Nursing Skills Lab
Location: Lowell, MA
Sim Center Highlights: MCC's Simulation Center features 12 beds containing high and low fidelity manikins of all ages, as well as a separate simulation room with both Sim man and Sim baby. There is a control room for both of the high fidelity manikins. Collaboration with the drama department offers opportunities for real-life simulated patients as a component of the simulated clinical experience. The realistic hospital setting and simulated patients (live, low-fidelity, and high fidelity) allow replication of clinical practice and provide students with opportunities for developing higher level problem solving, decision making, and psychomotor skills. 

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 Kathleen Scully
Phone: (978) 656-3135

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