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Vermont - University of Vermont

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University of Vermont

Name of Sim Center: Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Location: Burlington, VT
Sim Center Highlights: The Clinical Simulation Laboratory opened in March 2011, headquartered in 12,600 square feet of newly-renovated space on the second floor of the Rowell and Given Buildings. This facility is used solely for simulation instruction and assessment and not for patient care. Features include six in-patient hospital rooms, each equipped with video cameras for recording and communicating, and a multi-purpose room that can function as a simulated Operating Room, Emergency Room or Intensive Care Unit. From the Control Center location, all 7 rooms can be observed, PTZ cameras can be adjusted, and activities can be monitored and recorded. Facilities also include a professional skills/task training lab with a full array of body-part models; a virtual reality lab for practicing surgical skills; and two debrief rooms. A recent philanthropic gift from an MD alumnus funded the purchase of five Harvey cardiopulmonary simulators.

The Outpatient Simulation Laboratory is in the adjacent Given Building, and includes 12 fully-equipped exam rooms with 2 cameras controlled from a central control center, supported by an electronic data capture and management system (EMS) that manages and records all simulations, providing the ability to annotate and archive encounters. The facility also has a 24-seat classroom and debriefing area and a lounge with changing area, lockers and bathroom. 

The Administrative Suite includes waiting room with reception, three offices. The hallway that connects the Given and Rowell buildings also has 39 lockers for use during simulation activities. A satellite simulation lab is located at Fletcher Allen Health Care on the fifth floor of the McClure building, and a fully outfitted ambulance (the Simbulance) is also available for training.

Simulation support includes adult and child mannequin simulators that demonstrate lifelike physical responses, task trainer simulator models used for task specific skill development, standardized patients who are trained to accurately portray a specific role or condition, and hybrid and or mixed modality simulations that combine a standardized patient with a partial task trainer or full patient mannequin for unique simulated encounters.

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Contact: Dr. Cate Nicholas
Phone: (802) 656-8373

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Victoria - Box Hill Institute

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Box Hill Institute

Name of Sim Center: Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Sim Center Highlights: This interim centre using Laerdal and METI simulators has been developed so we can develop, deliver and test programs with our industry partners. Our new multi services centre is expected to be ready by September 2009, and operational by January 2010.

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Contact: Irwyn Shepherd
Phone: + 613 9286 9136

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Virginia - Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing

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Bon Secours

Name of Sim Center: Bon Secours Clinical Simulation Center
Location: Richmond, VA
Sim Center Highlights: The Bon Secours Clinical Simulation Center is an 8000 sq ft simulation center featuring an 8 bed skills lab with Laerdal VitaSim Manikins, an 8 bay health assessment lab, and 3 high fidelity simulation rooms. We have an adult room with Laerdal's SimMan 3G, a pediatrics room with a variety of manikins including SimBaby and SimJr, and a maternal child room with Gaumard's Noelle and Baby Hal.

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Contact: Ms. Holly Pugh
Phone: (804) 627-5405

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