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Rhode Island - Community College of Rhode Island

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Community College of Rhode Island

Name of Sim Center: Health Sciences Clinical Simulation Laboratory
Location: Lincoln, RI
Sim Center Highlights: The Clinical Simulation Laboratory is a 2,500 square foot laboratory space that provides students of nursing and the allied health professions (respiratory care, dental, emergency medical services) a variety of high fidelity simulation experiences. The laboratory, located on the Flanagan Campus in Lincoln, RI, opened in October of 2016. 

The laboratory space includes two simulation bays, one control room, two debriefing rooms, one room designed to represent a hospital medication room with Pyxis MedStation, and one storage closet. There is also a private office space for the simulation technicians. One debriefing room seats eight participants and the other debriefing room seats 16 participants. The control room is equipped for two simulations to run simultaneously. The simulation bays are designed and outfitted like a modern day hospital room. Each bay is equipped with audiovisual monitoring and recording equipment with the capability to live stream or playback simulation events in the debriefing rooms. The medication room is also equipped with audiovisual and recording equipment.

The laboratory's inventory of patient simulators is representative of the human lifespan. The laboratory's inventory of high fidelity simulators includes two SimNewB neonatal simulators, two SimJunior pediatric simulators, two 3G adult simulators, and two SimMom obstetrical simulators. The laboratory also has two Hill-Rom Affinity birthing beds, two fully stocked crash carts with a cardiac monitor and defibrillator, two V60 non-invasive ventilators and one Nellcor Puritan Bennet 980 ventilator.

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Contact: Lisa Burke


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