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Poland - Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz

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Collegium Medicum

Name of Sim Center: Center for Medical Simulations 
Location: Poland
Sim Center Highlights: Center for Medical Simulations of Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń is equipped with simulators, high and low fidelity, from studios to teach clinical skills: 6 meeting high fidelity: the operating block, the simulator ambulances, delivery suite room, nursing room, intensive care room, hospital emergency department (all rooms control) 9 low-fidelity simulation rooms: room simulation in the field of ALS and BLS technical skills lab, laboratory room teaching clinical skills room, surgical skill, beauty salons to work with patients and standardized rooms to conduct examinations OSCE (Objective Structured clinical examination). All items in the course of clinical teaching in the field of nursing, medical, and obstetrics are performed in the conditions of medical simulation in the proportion of not less than 5% of the total hours devoted to practical classes in a given subject. Teaching practical medical rescue and intensive care for the nursing program are implemented 100% in terms of medical simulation.

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Contact: Grzegorz Ulenberg
Phone: 608 231 607

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Portugal - SESARAM

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Name of Sim Center: Centro de Simulação Clínica da Madeira 
Location: Funchal Portugal
Sim Center Highlights: Our center is equipped with high fidelity simulators Medical Education Technologies, Inc. ™ (METI(r)), with softwareMüse, and the integration of simulation software, learning / management of clinical training, and center management clinical simulation, "LearningSpace". We have HPS, METImanNursing, METImanPrehospital, BabySIM, PediaSIM ECS, Istan 936, Istan 932, ExamSim, PROMPT Birthing Simulator, LapVr

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Contact: RN Luis Jardim
Phone: +351 291705600

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Puerto Rico - Atenas College

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Atenas College

Name of Sim Center: Simulation and Clinical Learning Center
Location: Manatí, Puerto Rico
Sim Center Highlights: Atenas College has the first Simulation and Clinical Learning Center (SCLC) in Puerto Rico, which is laid out in a hospital setting to provide a comprehensive learning experience as close to a real environment as possible. This Simulated Hospital facilitates the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to form a competent entry level professional nurse, thereby linking education, research and best practice. The center supports the creation of a variety of simulated clinical scenarios while focusing on patient safety and quality, and it also serves as a skills lab.
The simulation center is available for all students enrolled in our various health-related programs and therefore, many clinical scenarios are designed for interprofessional learning activities.
The simulation hospital is a ten thousand three hundred (10,300) square feet structure. Facilities are distributed as follows: a classroom, adult ICU that includes 4 high fidelity and 2 medium fidelity simulators; neonatal and pediatric ICU which includes 2 high fidelity infant simulators, 1 high fidelity child simulator, 1 medium fidelity child simulator; a maternity unit which includes 3 high fidelity obstetric simulators; nursery unit that includes 6 low fidelity newborn simulators and 1 high fidelity newborn simulator; a pediatric area that includes 1 low fidelity child simulator and 1 medium fidelity child simulator; isolation room which includes a low fidelity adult simulator; medical unit that includes 4 low fidelity adult simulators; a simulated pharmacy; a simulated operating room; a recording area; an emergency medical dispatch area; two (2) debriefing rooms; a physical therapy laboratory; an emergency medical laboratory; a respiratory therapy area; a reception area; student lockers area; computerized medication dispensing cart, and electronic medical record system.
Clinical simulation experiences are captured via an audio/video system, which may be reviewed for debriefing, discussion, and self- assessment.
Our simulation laboratories are supported by a Director, coordinator, and technicians. Operating hours are Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 10:30pm.

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Contact: Mrs. Widalys Gonzalez MA.Ed.
Phone: (787) 884-3838

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