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Clinical Simulation Centers offer a vast array of simulation opportunities for students. The following Simulation Centers welcome inquiries from those who would like to learn more about these learning environments.

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Pennsylvania - Immaculata University

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Immaculata University 

Name of Sim Center: Nursing Arts Clinical Simulation Lab
Location: Immaculata, PA

Sim Center Highlights: SimMan, SimMom, Nursing Anne Vital Sim, SimChart

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Contact: Sister Agnes Cummings IHM, MSN
Phone: (610) 647-4400 x3670

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Pennsylvania - Keystone Simulation Education Center

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Name of Sim Center: Keystone Simulation Education Center
Location: Monaca, PA

Sim Center Highlights: KSEC is a non-profit organization created to be a simulation resource education center for health care providers and educators, medical trainers, students, emergency response personnel, and the community.

Most importantly, simulation education enhances critical thinking skills by repeated exposure of low-volume high-risk events without endangering actual patients.

Simulation education enables health care providers and first responders to practice through simulated crisis scenarios, helping to fully prepare them for real-life experiences.

Simulation education provides the opportunity to learn without patient risk.

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Contact: Ms. Lynell Scaff
Phone: (724) 495-6808

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Pennsylvania - Lancaster County Career & Technology Center

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Lancaster County Career and Tech

Name of Sim Center: Lancaster County Career & Technology Center 
Location: Willow Street, PA
Sim Center Highlights: Featuring Classic SimMan, Sim Baby, 4 Nursing Anne simulators, Sounds Trainer, 4 Virtual IV Simulators, Noelle. The Lab features an open area where the manikins and other equipment are located. A control room enables the facilitator to operate simulations using Sim View. Adjacent to the Lab is a large debriefing center.

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Contact: Cheryl Landis
Phone: (717) 464-7050 x 7086

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