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Pennsylvania - College of Nursing & Health Professions / Drexel University

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CICSP at Drexel University

Name of Sim Center: College of Nursing & Health Professions / Drexel University
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Sim Center Highlights: This state-of-the-art lab includes 2 large Human Patient Simulation (HPS) labs with associated control & ‘prop’ rooms consisting of approximately 2300 square feet which can be transformed into acute (ICU, OR, ER, Medical Surgical, or Women’s Health) or community (home, board room, community center) environments. These labs will promote advance communication skills between and among Nurses, Physicians, Physician Assistants, Physical Therapists, Radiology Technologists and Behavioral Health Therapists and their patients. There are 10 simulation suites used with actors or standardized patients (SPs), a classroom & debriefing room, student check-in, observation room, actors lounge, and control room. All SP simulation rooms are equipped with wall mounted computer stations and digital camera that records audio and digitized video of the simulation. The simulation suites also contain computer stations with Internet access for both the student and standardized patient to access evaluation material and other interactive software. The labs are designed to replicate realistic practice settings with enhanced technology to aid and assist in the student's understanding of various healthcare competencies.

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Contact: Director Carol Okupniak Ms.
Phone: (215) 762-3595

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Pennsylvania - Delaware County Community College

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Delaware County Community College

Name of Sim Center: Nursing and Allied Health Simulation Laboratory
Location: Media, PA
Sim Center Highlights: Our Nursing and Allied Health Simulation Laboratory was renovated in the Summer of 2007 for 1.8 million dollars. Funds for this extensive project came from a combination of foundational, grant private and corporate donations. Our lab houses two operating suites, two classrooms, a mock physician's office, three critical care areas, a faculty resource center, and state of the art media center with cameras that are able to feed live pictures from our OR and critical care suites into the classrooms for student review. Out of the 1.8 million spent on this project, $800,000 was earmarked for equipment. The lab has six hospital beds with vital sign wall mounts for assessment experiences. One of these beds meets ADA compliance for students with special needs. All over-bed units are equipped with suction. Real oxygen is housed on one side of the lab to meet the needs of our respiratory therapy program. The other side of the lab simulates oxygen experiences with compressed air. One of our goals in the next year is to program our tablet PCs to assist our students with electronic documentation at the bedside. This year we implemented putting skill demonstrations for our Nursing Students on our web study pages so students can view a specific nursing skill on the tablet PCs at the bedside then practice the skill untill proficient. The students have valued this experience and it also allows them to view skills at home before coming to the lab. We still do live demonstrations for skills, but the videos serve as a reinforcement allowing the students to be successful on their first attempt when testing. Overall the students from the Nursing and Allied Health programs have really enjoyed their experiences in the new lab.

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Contact: RN BSN Karen Troppman


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Pennsylvania - DeSales University

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DeSales University

Name of Sim Center: Healthcare Simulation Center
Location: Center Valley, PA
Sim Center Highlights: The Healthcare Simulation Center at DeSales University is a 20,000 sq ft. state of the art clinical simulation center home to some of the most advanced simulation technology in the healthcare field. 

Hospital Environment

The Center provides a 5 room hospital simulation suite that replicates all major hospital specialties and includes adult and pediatric high fidelity simulators.

Clinical Skills Suite

Our clinical skills suite provides both a 12 bed in-patient and a 12 bed out-patient practice environment. Task Trainers help students gain expertise in technical procedures and clinical skills like central line placement, peripheral IV insertion, or pelvic examination.

Standardized Patient Program

This on-campus suite replicates a functioning healthcare office, complete with a waiting room, and 8 fully equipped examination rooms. Our SPs actively participate in the instruction, practice, and assessment of the medical examination skills of our students, nurses, physician assistants, and other health care providers.

Education Management

Our Education Management Solutions, Inc. system (EMS) provides a comprehensive solution for the labs;. Digital AV software and hardware allow faculty to capture both the simulations and standardized patient environments for further review. The results provide a digital video record of individual and team performance, which assist in evaluating a student's performance when faced with realistic clinical challenges.

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 Dr. Sonya Echols
Phone: (610) 282-1100 ext 2750

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