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Oklahoma - Oklahoma City Community College

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Oklahoma City Community College

Name of Sim Center: Nursing Campus Clinical Laboratory
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Sim Center Highlights: Oklahoma City Community College Nursing Program Campus Clinical Laboratories are designed to simulate clinical learning situations and provide students the opportunity to enhance their skills. Learning is facilitated through the use of two (2) fully equipped labs, one, which utilizes partial task trainers, and the other, which houses low and mid-fidelity simulators. In addition to these labs, nursing students will be working in the simulation lab. "Dan" is a computerized human patient simulator and is very life-like. Dan will be utilized to simulate various clinical scenarios, which support skill development as well as critical thinking. He is used throughout the nursing program, beginning in the first semester. The combined labs work together to give students strong preparation for the clinical experience in a non-threatening environment, which is conducive to learning, the development of critical thinking skills, and mastery of psychomotor skills. Students actively participate in the care of "simulated" patients and/or evaluate the care of others through video surveillance from the classroom setting.

Partial task trainers provide the student the opportunity to apply scientific principles related to the performance of nursing skills in a laboratory environment, prior to performance in the clinical setting. The practice lab experience consists of independent study, peer practice and review, faculty supervised practice, classroom instruction, case studies, and group discussion.

Simulation offers students the opportunity to care for patients in a variety of settings, to identify pertinent patient assessment data, prioritize interventions and evaluate outcomes while under faculty guidance. Individually and as a member of a team, simulation assists students in critical thinking, diagnostic reasoning, problem solving, therapeutic communication and decision-making.

Oklahoma City Community College Nursing Campus Clinical Laboratories are equipped with 11 mid-fidelity simulators, which include:

• Noelle birthing simulator
• Infant Vital Sim
• Pediatric Vital Sim
• Adult Vital Sim

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Contact: Monica Holland, MS, RN
Phone: (405) 682-1611

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Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma State UNiversity

Name of Sim Center: OSU-OKC
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Sim Center Highlights: The OSU-OKC Simulation Hospital is a space which allows for experiential learning as students simulate through real life scenarios utilizing mid and high fidelity manikins. We give our students exposure to high frequency, high risk complicated scenarios to prepare them for their profession. We also provide the opportunity to validate student skill competencies and enhance soft skills.

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Contact: Michelle Riley MS, RN, CNE
Phone: (405) 945-3276

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Oklahoma - Rose State College

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Rose State College

Name of Sim Center: Rose State Nursing Science Program Simulation Lab
Location: Midwest City, OK
Sim Center Highlights: 2 adult Hal, Noelle, baby Hal, Junior Hal

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Contact: Assistant Director, Deborah Barber
Phone: (405) 736-0334

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