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Idaho - Boise State University

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Boise State University

Name of Sim Center: The College of Health Sciences Simulation Center

Location: Boise, ID

Sim Center Highlights: The College of Health Sciences Simulation Center is a Society for Simulation in Healthcare accredited state-of-the-art facility that gives learners the opportunity to participate in designed learning activities in a safe, controlled environment. In addition to the Simulation Center suite, learners have access to a 12-bed practice lab and a student center for study and group work. (Approximately 7,000 square feet)

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Contact: Becky Bunderson
Phone: (208) 426-2639

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Idaho - Idaho State University College of Technology

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Idaho State University

Name of Sim Center: College of Technology Health Occupations Simulation Labs
Location: Pocatello, ID
Sim Center Highlights: Human Simulation Laboratories at Idaho State University, College of Technology feature eight Human Patient Simulators (HPS). The College has two fixed and two mobile labs one each in Pocatello, Boise, and Idaho Falls. Locations feature two adults, one infant and one maternal HPS. The HPS's are full sized manikins that are capable of producing life like physiological replications of health/disease states and will respond to medical treatment. This is accomplished by state of the art computer software and a faculty member that together produce extraordinarily realistic encounters. 

The HPS provides flexible and customized training in emergency medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, pharmacology, nursing care and other technical health care skills. Our labs mirror emergency departments, industrial or domestic settings and critical care transport environments. Common physiological data can be displayed such as Heart Rate, EKG, O2 Saturation, Blood Pressure, Expired Gases, and Body Temperature. ISU also has a dedicated Director of Human Simulation to provide guidance, scenario design and expert manikin operation.

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Contact: Jim Allen NREMT/P-MICP-CRT
Phone: (208) 243-1326

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Idaho - Lewis-Clark State College

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Lewis-Clark State College

Name of Sim Center: Nursing & Health Sciences
Location: Lewiston, ID
Sim Center Highlights: 

  • Four med-surg patient rooms, one family birth suite
  • Laerdal SimView system plus LLEAP technology
  • Three Laerdal classic high-fidelity manikins
  • One Laerdal simman essential manikin
  • One Laerdal pediatric manikin
  • One Laerdal Simmom manikin

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Contact: Mrs. Vicky Boubel MS, BSN
Phone: (208) 792-2141

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