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Clinical Simulation Centers offer a vast array of simulation opportunities for students. The following Simulation Centers welcome inquiries from those who would like to learn more about these learning environments.

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Alabama - Baptist Health Montgomery

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Baptist Montgomery

Name of Sim Center: Institute for Patient and Medical Simulation
Location: Montgomery, AL

Sim Center Highlights: A 22,000 sq foot center created on the site of a previous free standing surgical center. Holding bays are task trainers, 4 operating rooms have become and auditorium, 2 operating rooms are classrooms, 2 operating rooms are KB Port equipped Simulation Rooms. 2 ndoscopy suites are Prehospital environments, PACU is a 12 bay Simulation Lab, the 23 hour observation unit will some day be a simulation Med Surg Unit. We work with local high schools, schools of nursing, 2 medical residency programs, local Firemedics, as well as the employees of Baptist Health.

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Contact: Judi Miller
Phone: (344) 613-7200

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California - El Camino College

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El Camino College

Name of Sim Center: Ella Rose Madden Simulation Center
Location: Torrance, CA

Sim Center Highlights: The simulation center at El Camino College Department of Nursing (Crenshaw campus) consists of a 1600 sq. ft area designed to mimic a hospital setting. The center consists of three labs, central supply and debriefing room. The lab contains a variety of mid and high fidelity simulators including Laerdal, Meti and the new wireless Gaumard Noelle and baby. The lab operates four days/week and is managed by nursing faculty and simulation technologist. Twenty faculty trained in simulation facilitation and debriefing. Ceiling mounted cameras and microphones feed into a local network connected to a control panel and debriefing room. Studiocode software is used to record, playback and mark scenarios. The software facilitates debriefing and maybe used to generate quantitative data. Visitors welcome.

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Contact: Dr. Kim Baily
Phone: (310) 660-3281

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Florida - University of Florida, Jacksonville

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University of Florida

Name of Sim Center: CSESaR 
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Sim Center Highlights: CSESaR, with 24,000 sq. ft. and 41 rooms, is the largest academic medical simulation training facility in the country.  We train the full range of medical specialties, and levels of training. Nursing is our largest student complement.

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Contact: Bruce Nappi
Phone: (904) 244-1120

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