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Clinical Simulation Centers offer a vast array of simulation opportunities for students. The following Simulation Centers welcome inquiries from those who would like to learn more about these learning environments.

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Virginia - Norfolk State University

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Norfolk State University

Name of Sim Center: Center for Innovative Nursing Education Simulation Center
Location: Norfolk, VA
Sim Center Highlights: Norfolk State University's Center for Innovative Nursing Education Simulation Center, offers a state of the art simulated patient care environment. The center’s mission is to prepare professional nurses to provide competent and safe nursing care using experiential learning.

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Contact: Ms. Angela Hayes RN, MS, CHSE
Phone: (757) 717-4734

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Virginia - Radford University

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Radford University

Name of Sim Center: Regional Clinical Simulation Centers
Location: Radford, VA

Sim Center Highlights: Radford University, Jefferson College of Health Sciences, Wytheville Community College, New River Community College, Virginia Western Community College and Patrick Henry Community College developed a collaborative venture to create and sustain two Regional Clinical Simulation Centers located in Radford (4000 sq.ft) and in Roanoke (4745 sq.ft).

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Contact: Ms. Cynthia Cunningham
Phone: (540) 831-6831

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Virginia - Shenandoah University

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Shenandoah University

Name of Sim Center: Eleanor Wade Custer SON Simulation Center
Location: Winchester, VA
Sim Center Highlights: 4 Hospital style rooms, with one for pediatrics, L/D, semi-private Med-Surg and one that can be an OR/ED/ICU suite. There is an apartment suite for PT/OT, psych mental health, and home health simulations. Our skills labs have recording capabilities as do our 8 examination rooms for OSCEs, etc.

Our university has an IPE program, as well as an engaged acting department, which has been developing a standardized patient curriculum for its students. Acting students can do work-study hours in simulation, which brings a richness to these simulations.

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Contact: Mrs. Therese Collins
Phone: (540) 678-4399

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