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Clinical Simulation Centers offer a vast array of simulation opportunities for students. The following Simulation Centers welcome inquiries from those who would like to learn more about these learning environments.

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Arizona - Maricopa Integrated Health System

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Maricopa Integrated Health system

Name of Sim Center: Simulation Center at MIHS
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Sim Center Highlights: The Simulation Center at Maricopa Integrated Health System serves an Interprofessional group of dedicated staff which consists more than 4,000 professional nurses, employees and medical providers. The Simulation Center incorporates a variety of fidelity manikins in addition to task trainers and virtual game-based teaching via mulit-media. We are a teaching and research based facility. The square footage of the Simulation Center is approx 1,000 sq ft with two additional satellite areas within the facility.

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Contact: Coordinator Simulation Center Carol Bush, MSN, RN
Phone: (602) 344-5358

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Arizona - Mesa Community College

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Mesa Community College

Name of Sim Center: Simulation Center
Location: Mesa, AZ
Sim Center Highlights: 

Multi-patient / rooms for simulation - 1500 square footage

1 - 6 bed
1 - 10 bed
2 - 1 bed
Audio/visual throughout
Mid and high fidelity


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Contact: MS. Diana Breed Arizona (AZ)
Phone: (480) 461-7695 

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Arizona - Northern Arizona University

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Northern Arizona University

Name of Sim Center: School of Nursing Sim Lab
Location:  Flagstaff, AZ
Sim Center Highlights: Low budget solutions with severely limited staffing, renovation of older building to add sim labs, building program from scratch, meeting accreditation standards.

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Contact: Bobby Eccleston
Phone: (928) 523-2608

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