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Wisconsin - Northcentral Technical College

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Northcentral Technical College

Name of Sim Center: Health Simulation Center
Location: Wausau, WI
Sim Center Highlights: Health Simulation Center (HSC) at NTC is located in the Center for Health Sciences. This a 4-story facility in which the HSC located on the second floor. This center provides realistic training for all health program students as well as the EMS division.
The center includes 8 simulated hospital rooms all equipped with high fidelity simulators. There are also 4 simulated exam rooms with all real clinic features. In total the HSC houses 11 high fidelity simulators including adult, baby, pediatric, and birthing. There is an ambulance simulator also located within the HSC to help the EMS division with their simulated clinical. With all of the realistic equipment it makes us capable of providing very realistic training to all of our disciplines as well as ensure that our students are providing high quality and safe patient care.

There is also a Health Learning Resource Lab (HLRL) located within the center. This lab is an area with numerous task trainers that are available to students to practice their skills. This area is staffed with two Registered Nurses to help students during their time of practice.

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Contact: LeeAnn Isham-Her, MSN, RN
Phone: (715) 803-1322

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Wisconsin - Viterbo University

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Viterbo University

Name of Sim Center: Clinical Simulation Nursing Center
Location: La crosse, WI
Sim Center Highlights: The clinical simulation learning center is located on the third floor of the School of Nursing building and features a nurses station, four simulation labs, four observation/debriefing rooms, four health assessment exam rooms, technology control room and a digital video/audio data capture system. The clinical simulation learning center has approximately 4200 square feet of learning space.

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Contact: Tricia Klatt
Phone: (608) 796-3926

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Wisconsin - Waukesha County Technical College

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Waukesha Technical College

Name of Sim Center: Human Patient Simulation Lab
Location: Pewaukee, WI

Sim Center Highlights: The Simulation Lab at WCTC houses five METI/CAE simulators, an adult ECS, child ECS, baby ECS, adult METI Man for Nursing, and a METI Man Prehospital. The lab also houses a birthing simulator and has multiple patient rooms, nurses’ station, conference room and a control room.

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Contact: Karen Boggio, RN
Phone: (262) 691-5102

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