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Clinical Simulation Centers offer a vast array of simulation opportunities for students. The following Simulation Centers welcome inquiries from those who would like to learn more about these learning environments.

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West Virginia - Charleston Area Medical Center

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Charleston Area Medical Center

Name of Sim Center: CAMC Institute Patient Simulation Center
Location: Charleston, WV

Sim Center Highlights: 7800 Sq Ft center focused on multi-disciplinarian learning and the focal point to the many residency programs within the hospital. Our center developed the Laerdal ACLS software currently offered by Laerdal for use with SimMan.

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Contact: Mr. David Matics
Phone: (304) 388-1855

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Wisconsin - Alverno College

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Alverno College

Name of Sim Center: Alverno College Clinical Simulation Center
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Sim Center Highlights: 2 medical surgical suits with HFS. 1 ER/ Trauma/ ICU suit, 1 OB peds suit. 5 clinic rooms. All fully equipped with audio and video.

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Contact: Annette Ries
Phone: (414) 382-6404

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Wisconsin - Edgewood College

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Edgewood College

Name of Sim Center: Center for Health Education and Simulation
Location: Madison, WI
Sim Center Highlights: The Center for Healthcare Education and Simulation (CHES) offers educational experiences to healthcare and non-healthcare professional individuals and teams from throughout south-central Wisconsin. Our hands-on simulation will prepare you for basic or the most advanced scenario to improve competence, confidence, and performance. Practice and learn techniques, communication standards, procedures, codes, protocol and other proficiencies in a real-life and error-friendly environment.

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Contact: Executive Director Beth Mullikin
Phone: (608) 227-2292

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