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Washington - Swedish Medical Center

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Swedish Medical Center

Name of Sim Center: Grossman Center for Advanced Healthcare Simulation
Location: Seattle, WA
Sim Center Highlights: The Gossman Center for Advanced Healthcare Simulation is a 6,000 square foot space that includes two large simulation rooms, one small simulation room, two conference/debriefing rooms for post-simulation debriefing and lectures, and a control room with full audio-visual capabilities consisting of 28 pan-tilt-zoom cameras and multiple wireless microphones.

Our mission is to offer a multidisciplinary training facility that is dedicated to providing high quality, state-of the-art education using medical simulation to promote skill acquisition, clinical decision-making, teamwork, and patient safety in a collaborative environment. The simulation team specializes in multi-disciplinary, in-situ simulation experiences for obstetrical and pediatric emergencies, emergency department, anesthesia and operating room emergencies and workflow efficiencies.

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Contact: Ms. Moraima Casteneda
Phone: (206) 215-1702

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Washington - Tacoma Community College

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Tacoma Community College

Name of Sim Center: TBA
Location: Tacoma, WA
Sim Center Highlights: 35k sq ft lab with Skills Area, Control Room and separate 1 bed SimLab. Separate control center, KB Port ETC A/V system (4 camera), 3G SimMan (2), SimMan, SimBaby, METI ECS, Gaumard Noelle and 10 VitalSim (Peds and Adult) manikins.

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Contact: Trevor Nicely
Phone: (253) 460-4310

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Washington - Washington State University

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Washington State University

Name of Sim Center: Program of Excellence in Simulation and Clinical Performance
Location: Spokane, WA
Sim Center Highlights: 6500 sqft Simulation and Clinical Performance lab; includes 3 simulation suites with adjoined control and observation/debrief rooms and a 16-bed skills lab. 

Provide over 700 hrs of simulation across 3 campuses; active service center model with revenue generating customers for the WA Air National Guard, UW Medex Physician Assistants program, Spokane Community College ADN prgm; WSU Nutrition prgm

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Contact: Kevin Stevens
Phone: (509) 324-7420

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