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Alabama - Baptist Health Montgomery

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Baptist Montgomery

Name of Sim Center: Institute for Patient and Medical Simulation
Location: Montgomery, AL

Sim Center Highlights: A 22,000 sq foot center created on the site of a previous free standing surgical center. Holding bays are task trainers, 4 operating rooms have become and auditorium, 2 operating rooms are classrooms, 2 operating rooms are KB Port equipped Simulation Rooms. 2 ndoscopy suites are Prehospital environments, PACU is a 12 bay Simulation Lab, the 23 hour observation unit will some day be a simulation Med Surg Unit. We work with local high schools, schools of nursing, 2 medical residency programs, local Firemedics, as well as the employees of Baptist Health.

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Contact: Judi Miller
Phone: (344) 613-7200

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Alabama - Huntsville Hospital

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Huntsville Hospital

Name of Sim Center: Simulation Lab
Location: Huntsville, AL
Sim Center Highlights: Features a Med-Surg Room and Critical Care Room with Laerdal Manikins (Mega-Code Kelley and Sim Man) Limited space. Used for hospital clinical orientation, skills fairs and scenario-based classes.

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Contact: Gayle Stinnett RN, MSN
Phone: (256) 265-6034

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Alabama - The University of Alabama in Huntsville

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U of Alabama Huntsville

Name of Sim Center: Learning & Technology Resource Center
Location: Huntsville, AL
Sim Center Highlights: The College of Nursing offers a state of the art Learning and Technology Resource Center (LTRC) which combines instructional technology and the learning resource center to support students and faculty. 

The LTRC is a 10,615 square foot resource center that is located on the third floor of the College of Nursing. The LTRC encompasses a 16 bed hospital laboratory, 16 table health assessment room, 4 Advanced Practice clinical examination rooms, 5 High-Fidelity simulation laboratories, an Obstetric/Pediatric 4 bed laboratory, an skills practice laboratory, a pyxis medication room, a home-health simulation room and two debriefing rooms. 

The simulation laboratories feature the latest in high-fidelity human patient simulators that house two adult, one obstetric, two infant and one pediatric simulator. In addition to the high fidelity simulators, the center offers low-fidelity task trainers, manikins and medication dispensing system. Clinical healthcare simulation experiences are captured via an audio/video capture system which may be reviewed on campus in real-time or from previously recorded experiences. In addition to the teaching lab space, the LTRC houses healthcare equipment, educational and research materials. 

The LTRC is supported by an Executive Director, Director of Instructional Technology, Director of the Learning Resource Center, Simulation Technician, and Instructional Technology Specialist.

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Contact: Dr. Lori Lioce
Phone: (256) 824-6139

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