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Re: Automatic Medication Administration
by Diana Breed - Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 12:38 PM

Hi Colleen,

We have tried a variety of items --- qr codes  - which work pretty well with the app --- simple beep.  Our pitfalls are when the students use it they get text messages and alerts on their phones all the time and it interrupts them.  We use a powerpoint with hyper links for the pyxis and a regular med cart.  That system works wonderful!!!  Cheap - easy to change and update and no problems.  All we do is put the powerpoint on an ipad (for the touchscreen effect) and put it in slideshow view.  I can send you our base powerpoint if you want.  

Currently moving over to the docucare system -- love the easy charts and printing out the bar codes for the patient id bands.  The medication bar codes are big and cumbersome.  We tried using the QR codes, but that doesn't work consistently.  Our money spent to move over to Docucare was a scanner (60.00) and the students have to purchase the docucare - 55.00 / semester.  Our students love docucare and don't seem to mind the purchase.  The department invested in scanners for rolling carts and some laptops so we will see as we roll out.  

Hope that helps.  

Diana Breed

Simulation Coordinator - MaricopaNursing Mesa