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Website Review Giving FREE Dissertation Sample!
by Susan Bell - Wednesday, February 11, 2009, 11:50 PM
I am doing a dissertation on social work and needed to see some dissertation samples to get an idea of how to write a dissertation. After doing the research over the internet, I found there are quite a few digital dissertation available for download but I didn’t know whether they were approved or not, why was it available for public etc..

So, I did download few samples of dissertations but was not sure about the authenticity of the source. Then one day I found this service giving away FREE dissertations. Initially I thought they must have a hidden cost or something but when I read the whole page, I was quite relaxed since they clearly mentioned why they are giving the dissertation sample. Furthermore, they clearly stated that the Free sample dissertations will not necessary be relevant to your subject. The objective behind giving the example dissertation is to help students understand the intricacies of writing a dissertation rather than making students copy and paste the material.

The page also talks about the disadvantages dissertation templates can bring as well as how to make a good use of the downloaded dissertation example. All and all I did learn a few good things about dissertation writing especially, how to make my dissertation writing better using a dissertation sample even if it is not related to my topic or subject.

I would recommend them to students who are in search of good dissertation samples and also appreciate members sharing their dissertation writing experiences.