Developing Simulated Learning Experiences

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Interprofessional Simulations
by Gwen Tafelsky - Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 1:40 PM


I would love some tips/advice for implementing an inter-professional simulation.  I have the possibility of access to RT students, dental students, and surgical tech students. I envision a simulation for improving team communication.  One of the biggest hurdles is the logistics of scheduling.  I am curious if those of you that are more experienced have delved into this yet!

Thank you-

Gwen Tafelsky, Simulation Coordinator, Northwestern Community College

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Interprofessional simulations
by Danett Cantey - Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 3:19 PM

I have not planned the finer details of any of our IPE sims but have attended several planning meetings or been around the moving parts of the scenario....or seem them in action. We have done a couple different type of IPE sims at our school in the last 6 months.

1. SON & SOM collaborative IPE sim: Groups of 3-4 students (ABSN Nursing students, medical students, and NP students play their own role or the role of the patient (script available). The goal is to introduce shared mental model and improve communication/teamwork. They have to come up with a plan of care WITH the patient and make a decision about moving forward with the plan of care. One of the biggest challenge for this sim is having enough facilitators for each small group, plus the large group at the end of the sessions. The scenario case had to be written and shared with potential facilitators. We even created a training video that could be viewed on-line and facilitators received different color forms (case scenario with questions & potential answers to use if groups got "stuck", report for RNs, verbal hand-off for medical students, transfer orders, scripts for patient role, etc.)

2. I have seen our Master's program do an IPE sim that involved our women's health NP students, the acute care pediatric NP students, and our CRNAs. Basically a pregnant mom was having difficulty with vaginal birth and had to have a C-section instead. She delivered twins, but one of the babies had to be transported to NICU immediately after birth. The biggest hurdle with this sim was again scheduling and planning each phase of the sim (roles, scripts, staffing, rooms, set-up) and who would facilitate the big group debrief at the end. This was the first that was attempted like this, so only a select group of students were able to participate from each discipline.

Sounds like the sim you are looking to do is more like the sim described in number 2. A ton of planning is involved in each. I hope this helps!

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Re: Interprofessional Simulations
by Katie Sanders - Thursday, November 3, 2016, 3:11 PM

I have planned and implemented IPE on a few different levels.  One of the particular challenges is coming up with outcome objectives which meet the needs of each program/school.  It is important to look at over-arching concepts such as pathophysiology, communication, roles which are universal as well as any specific objectives required when doing the initial planning.  A lack of preparation will make it seem to the learners that their specialty was not taken into consideration or that the learning activity was not valued.