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Virtual Patient Simulations
by A.J. Kleinheksel - Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 2:16 PM

I am seeking nursing faculty who have used virtual patient simulations (e.g., vSim) in their curriculum.

My name is A.J. Kleinheksel, and I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Florida in the Educational Technology program, as well the Director of Instructional Design for Shadow Health, a company that creates digital standardized patients. For my dissertation research, I have designed a survey instrument to identify the features that nursing faculty consider important in their decision to adopt a virtual patient simulation, and the ways in which that virtual patient is then integrated into their curriculum.

I believe that the results of this study will have important implications for the future design of virtual patient simulations in nursing education, as well as for the teaching practices of nursing faculty.

If you are a nursing faculty member who has used a virtual patient in your courses, please participate in my research study by completing this survey:

When completed, I would be happy to share the results of my study with you.

Thank you!

A.J. Kleinheksell