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Free Infiltrated IV tutorial blog
by Bobbie Merica - Wednesday, February 18, 2015, 4:47 PM

Moulage Concepts debuts new (FREE) step-by-step moulage training blog featuring moulage tutorials, training scenarios, SIM-Safe options and "expert weigh-in" from the industry experts including Simulation Scientists, Simulation Coordinators and Simulation Specialists! This month's issue centers around Infiltrated IV's for creating realistic training scenarios in both simulators and standardized patients- while the training scenario focuses on a hemorrhaging patient, the infiltrated IV would enhance any simulated activity. Moulage Concepts, assisting you in creating training scenarios that look, feel, sound & smell like the real thing! Join today- you won't want to miss a single issue! Read more here:!blog/czwt  and feel free to share.