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I am in the process of creating a budget to put together an adult and a pediatric crash cart and am looking for a list of what goes into each drawer of a standard red code cart (simulated medications and medical equipment and supplies).

If anyone could share a list that would be very greatly appreciated.

Melissa Morris, MSN, RN, CPN

Clinical Mgr of HPS and Skills lab-Ft Lauderdale

Nova Southeastern University

College of Nursing

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


From my ICU practice experience: (think I got most of the stuff)

top drawer- airway supplies

2nd drawer- drug tray (Epi (6-8 amps), atropine (3), Bicarb (2), Dextrose (2), Vasopression (40 units), Amiodarone (450mg total), Adenosine (3-4 6mg vials) (these are your ACLS drugs that would probably cover whatever you'd use in a standard code)

3rd drawer- IV and lab draw supplies: (IV caths, one of each lab tube, biohazard bags for sending to lab, IV start kits, 2x2s, tegaderm, tape, ABG kit, saline flush, syringes, IM needles, butterfly needles)

4th drawer: IV fluid (2 1L NaCl bags, pressure bag, Dextose 100mL (i think is what was in there, would be used to mix the Mag drip if ordered), dopamine gtt), have a couple primary tubing sets and a secondary in there

5th drawer: Extra defib pads, extra ECG stickers, pen, flashlight, NG tube & syringe

6th drawer: Misc supplies: Central line kit(usually an Introducer kit), sterile gown, sterile gloves, suction buckets, tubing for that

Don't forget your back board too!

For my sim lab, I went on Home Depot website and purchase a tool cart, much cheaper than purchasing an actual crash cart from a medical supply company, has 4 drawers and is on wheels.  Works great.  I just modified my drawers a bit since we don't use all those supplies in a simulation. 

Hope this helps!!



Thanks for posting your list!