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Re: Pediactric Simulation
by Diana Breed - Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 2:40 PM

Hi Jacob,

If you download the excel check off list, there are instructions to get the idea started.  This particular simulation was developed because our students were not getting more than observation in the pediatric hospitals.  It focuses on organization, time management and prioritizing.  It runs about 2.5 hours in the simulation (report is video taped and played prior to starting) and then we debrief.  Every once in a while we have to stop and do a situational awareness if they are completely getting off track.  The long time allow them to take time, develop their own plan and determine how long it actually takes to complete a task.  From the time they recognize they need to give morphine, call the physician, answer all her questions, and then draw it up and give is over 30 min.  - of course longer when they don't have the weight of the patient and have to call back.  

I start with orientation: 

1. Manikins ( what do they do/ how do they sound)

2. Equipment (iv pumps, pyxis (we just use a powerpoint with hyperlinks on an ipad) and disposables

3.  phone 

4.  expectations

Debriefing - We use DML

Feel free to call or write with any questions.