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INACSL and NLN have joined forces to provide you with the opportunity to share HomeGrown solutions that provide cost effective ways to produce simulation situations. Created by education professionals to address tricky issues in simulation, HomeGrown Simulation Solutions comprises self-made items, creative adaptations to existing items, simulation recipes, and ideas that add to the suspension of disbelief in simulation. Each item includes objectives for use, ideas to integrate it into the curriculum, and step-by-step instructions that provide a roadmap for replication. Additionally, solutions may be highlighted in future publications and/or conferences with INACSL and NLN.

Submissions must meet the following criteria for consideration:


• A unique solution to everyday simulation issues, or offers ideas to suspension of disbelief in simulation

• Identify a problem to be solved in simulation

• Provide a list of supplies or ingredients

• Detail the steps for re-creating the solution (pictures and videos submissions are encouraged)


Application Deadline: January 15, 2015. To learn more visit the HomeGrown Solutions section.