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NEP Special Issue: Call for Simulation Manuscripts
by SIRC Admin - Thursday, December 11, 2014, 3:04 PM

The NLN research journal Nursing Education Perspectives is planning a special issue on the use of simulation in nursing education for September-October 2015. Dr. Pamela R. Jeffries, editor of the NLN's Simulation in Nursing: From Conceptualization to Evaluation (2nd ed.) and vice provost for digital initiatives, Johns Hopkins University, will serve as guest editor.

NEP is seeking multisite research studies on the use of simulation experiences in nursing education. In particular, we are seeking studies on the integration of simulation as a substitute for up to 50 percent of traditional clinical hours in pre-licensure education. And, we are interested in manuscripts on instrument development, particularly instruments designed to evaluate outcomes of simulation.

We are also seeking pilot studies on the use of simulation for our Research Briefs section, along with innovative strategies in the use of simulation for our Innovation Center.

Please review the Author Guidelines and submit your manuscript by April 1, 2015. Be sure to note in the MANUSCRIPT COMMENT box that your submission is intended for this special issue