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Patient Education/Teaching Scenario
by Debbie Murphy - Monday, November 17, 2014, 7:39 AM

I am working on developing a scenario that focuses primarily on patient teaching/patient education.  Does anyone have one already or have some suggestions on how to go about this process in simulation?  Thank you.  Debbie

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Re: Patient Education/Teaching Scenario
by vickie valenziano - Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 6:03 PM

Hi Debbie.  We include patient teaching in all our our scenarios.  We usually have 2 objectives with these:  1) the content to include that is pertinent to the specific patient and 2) teaching principles learned in class (eye contact, handouts, use language appropriate for patient, etc.) .  Recent example, our post-operative knee patient had the same procedure 8 months ago.  Teaching would be different for this patient since he has been through it before, he is familiar with pain management, etc.

One that is valuable to beginning students is discharge teaching because this includes medication, maybe dressing changes, nutrition, sx of infection, etc.  Because this has several items to discuss, it gives a good picture of what the student knows and how they present the information.

If you want something really comprehensive, we had a newly diagnosed diabetic 12-year-old sim patient that needed teaching.  We divided this into 8 parts and required handouts, props, and other age appropriate items.  One student taught knowledge of condition, one did psychomotor skill of blood glucose testing, one did recognizing signs/sx of hyper/hypoglycemia.  We had a student be the patient (with instructions given to them ahead of time).  Was long but successful.  Good luck!

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