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Does anyone have a list of architects with experience in the design,development, and construction of simulation labs?  We will begin searching for one shortly in Virginia. Thanks for any information that you may be able to provide. 

Many architect firms will work in large areas of the country so it may not be necessary to find one specifically in VA. I don't know of any in VA but the Richter Cornbrooks Gribble Architects are in Baltimore and have designed nursing learning centers. Kai Architects are out of Houston, AP Achitects, and CBI Architects have all designed many college facilities. I hope these suggestions are helpful to you. You can find these doing a search on-line. There are many others and some of our other simulator educators who has also recently worked with a particular Architect group may be able to add to this list. It will good to shop around and find the best firm for your program and plans.
Thank you so much.  Will add these to the lists. We wanted to contact several.  Kristin.
Contact Reba Childress at the U. of Virginia.  She has been instrumental in setting up a statewide consortium on simulation and I'm sure your colleagues in the state would be glad to share their experiences with designing and building a center.  Here's a link to Reba's information on the university website:,1210,en.aspx
Thank you, we have contacted her - she is an excellent resource!  Kristin.
We too are looking-- we are in Harrisonburg Virginia (where are you?) Did you find anyone yet?
Marjorie Scheikl

Without breaking forum rules, my firm specializes in design of simulation facilities across the country. Please feel free to contact me if you should have any questions.

Malvin Whang

Harley Ellis Devereaux