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Re: simulation specialist role
by Michael Young - Monday, May 19, 2014, 10:58 AM
You might want to look at SSH's Job Analyses for the CHSE and CHSOS certifications. The Job Analysis was done in order to clarify these roles. The CHSE is for those simulation specialists whose primary responsibilities are educational in function. The CHSOS is for the specialists who are typically responsible for day-to-day, hands-on skills: infrastructure technology, medical terminology and concepts, simulation technology (specific to site), instructional technology concepts and adult learning theory, etc. Although not the SME in clinical field, the CHSOS is the SME in simulation operations.

It is possible for an individual to fall under the categories of CHSE and CHSOS, as many centers have a very small staff who manage and participate in the operations of the center, and are the SME for their centers. The CHSOS raises the bar of the expectations of the professional operations specialists, hopefully giving centers a clearer understanding of, and need for more advanced KSAs for these roles.