Developing Simulated Learning Experiences

My program director wants documentation to back up my concern that students should not be giving one another injections (Sq), but rather should be using our manikins.  The faculty member in charge of fundamentals lab has been having students give each other injections, and besides my concern about liability issues, I know there must be some literature to back me up.  I have some articles about ethics in research, but cannot find any about how simulations protect students from harm.  Any help would be appreciated!
Hi Kristie. Our nursing program took out phlebotomy on one another 4 years ago due to liability. Our students only used to practice IV insertion on each other, never injections. We did allow our students to administer TB tests but they were 2nd year students already signed off as competent. I really doubt you are going to be successful in finding literature to support NOT doing injections on each other because of liability. What I would recommend is producing evidence on simulation in general. We no longer have students do "tasks", we now use simulation and create experiences that include such tasks. Students practice skills on manikins in the lab, but are expected to demonstrate competently during a simulation experience.
Good luck in your search. Let me know if I can help in any other way.