Developing Simulated Learning Experiences

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Re: Multi-patient Scenario
by Debbie McClure - Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 4:28 PM
Hi: Diana
I have read with interest your description of a multi-patient simulation experience. I am determined to develop one for our 4th semester students to use next spring. I would like to know how many students you are getting through say an 8 hour clinical day? I usually schedule simulation experiences for groups of 8 students and run the scenario for usually 3-4 separate days depending on the size of the cohort. Does the schedule for as you describe work for 2 4 hour periods and how much time do you allow for debrief? Do you debrief the entire group and the end of the day or debrief after each group? I have very little help in my lab for now, like none. But, we are in a new and beautiful building with an awesome lab. I am hoping as I design more complex days I will be able to have some additional faculty or tech assistance. Are you able to manage this day yourself? I would think there would be additional faculty managing an overlapping debrief while the next group begins? I would love more information. Your description looks really interesting and I would love to correspond. Thanks. Debbie McClure MS, RN, CNE, Central Wyoming College, RIverton WY