Simulation Centers and Faculty/Staff Development

Hi Karen,
sorry I didnt see this post earlier - you may have already sat the exam??? I did as you are doing and read all the references which was more than enough to equip me for the exam. The exam is not hard so read the refs and draw on your own experiences and you'll be fine.

I found the exam tricky rather than difficult. For example, many questions posed a situation and asked you (via MCQs) to select the best possible action required. Eg - if there was a power failure at your lab, would you:
a) b) c) or d) and in fact all the answers were good ones and you could conceivably do any of the 4 things depending on size of group, how far they had travelled, where they one-off attendees or students who attended regularly .
So, quite often there was not enough info about the context of the problem for you to make the right choice.
The good news is that this is a pilot study and there is an opportunity to make comments about any of the questions so I spent a lot of time making comments such as: I would choose a) if.....
I would choose b) if.... I would choose c) if..... etc etc

Quite frankly I found the standard of the MCQs quite poor which was disappointing.

Good luck with it

Regards and best wishes