Simulation Research

What a great wealth of information. As someone who is ABD and looking at dissertation work on medical simulations this has been a great resource to come upon.

I am currently in the process of developing my dissertation proposal and am hoping to perform a Delphi study to review and assess experts’ opinions and views on the future of simulation in medical education at the community college/allied health level by looking at four areas: present issues, future issues, present problems, future problems. Any suggestions on the topic and/or on how to find and approach my expert pool would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Johanna Kenney
As a sim coordinator at a community college I am excited to hear of your research.

One suggestion: take out the word "medical" in the title. Medical education sounds like simulation at medical schools, and traditionally excludes nursing. Our sim center focuses on applying evidence-based nursing, and I would not want anyone referring to what we do as "medical education". "Education and training" fits everyone who visits the sim center at community colleges. Good luck with your dissertation.
Thank you for the input, it does make the difference. I've definitely noticed the exclusion of nursing and allied health professionals.