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Training Medications
by Robert Vroman - Saturday, September 15, 2012, 12:05 AM
I am hoping someone can provide ideas for training medications. I have found the Demo Dose meds at Pocket Nurse, and while these are great for manikin use, I often conduct simulations with live patients as well as with high fidelity manikins.

Does anyone know of any training meds that can actually be used on humans? (i.e. sugar pills labeled as various oral medications, saline labeled as injectable medications, etc) I did find one suggestion in an online forum that said just to rinse out real medication containers and refill them with saline, but I am just not comfortable with that.


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Re: Training Medications
by Rebecca Reed - Monday, September 17, 2012, 4:28 PM

We are a small hospital based program and our pharmacy is able to order 2 mL vials of Saline that we make labels for and also order 2 mL Saline carpujets that we label.  For pills we use either white M&M type candies or else TicTacs.  For insulin I do use the old expired bottles of insulin that I empty of insulin and fill with either saline (short-acting insulin) or saline and MOM (which makes a nice cloudy insulin).  I would love to hear other ideas.

Becky Reed, MS, RN  Learning Resource Coordinator, Memorial School of Nursing

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Re: Training Medications
by Jeff Carmack - Thursday, October 18, 2012, 4:15 PM
As far as using "candy" in place of medications, we have started working with a local pharmacy that packages medications for long term care centers. We count out how many we need and include what information we want on the package. The can make us both unit dose packages as well as long term care cards.

As far as vials, we started making our own. Voigt will sell to many institutions at a low cost. We typically load these with powered drink mixes and for larger training events so that if a student mixes a sound a like look a like drug we can spot the color change quickly and intervene. The vials are sterile when shipped, and we use the packing equipment the same company sales, but we are aware these vials are not sterile. Not sure how you could change our process, even using sterile water, and keep it all safe. Since we never inject into anyone its not an issue for us. We have found that even small amounts of drink mix will work for quick identification. We they infuse a very dilute lemon-aide mixture into the IV arms, we flush with bleach and water at the end of each training week.