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I am a nursing PhD in educaiton student with Universtiy of Phoenix entering into the proposal phase of my program. Has anyone looked at the intergration of entry level evidence based practice skills into simulations. Also interested in a reliable and valid measurement tool for assessing entry level evidence based practice skills. Have found the KACE. Does anyone know of another research based measurment tools for undergraduate nursing students?

Sharon DiPasquale RN MSN Ed

Doctoral studentĀ 

Hi Sharon,

I am a DNP student, and am just about to start a new position as faculty in a high-fidelity simulation lab at West Coast University in Dallas. I'm also going to focus on a simulation related topic for my degree. I've been collecting articles for the past month or so, and currently have 36 (including some unpublished DNP capstone projects) that focus on simulation. I'd be happy to send them to you, and would be interested in keeping in touch as we each progress in our doctoral programs.

Paul St. Laurent, MSN, APRN, ACNP, CCRN-CMC
DNP Student
Paul I am a PhD student and in the process of writing my research propectus. My research focuses on using simulation with end of life care in training nursing students, and I would be interested in your articles. Mary Edwards RN MSN

Great my work email is I am happy to share resources, etc as well. Let' stay connected.