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Re: Trach care. Need help please
by Wendy Grbach - Saturday, January 12, 2013, 6:58 AM

HI Eileen,

I have done the same with our Vital Sim Mannequins but I make a special secretion formula for various patient presentations.  I have never had any problem with leakage if the wire ties connecting the lung part to the tube is very secure, and you dont overfill the lungs.  Our "anatomy" tends to be right dominant, so the students typicall only suction from the right side, and eventually fluid overfills to the other anyway with their bagging attempts.  I only fill one lung with the secretion mixture of choice.  And being OCD, I did wrap my internal wire connections securely with plastic wrap in the off chance there would be a leak....all the connections I check and clean every 8 weeks for maintenance and cleaning. Never had a problem. (knock on wood)wink.

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