Developing Simulated Learning Experiences


Hi everyone! I am in a new position as a Simulation Manager.  I am in the process of creating clinical simulation experiences to replace 2 clinical days for our first level med/surg students. At the moment, I am looking at utilizing 2 unfolding case studies and supplementing them with documentation, group work, etc.  If anyone has any suggestions (schedules, content, specific case studies, etc.) that you would be willing share, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ....

Our first semester students complete scenarios including those skills they are mastering, assessment, sterile procedures,medication and communication. This allows them to practice those skills in a realistic presentation and become comfortable with simulation.

The students are also able to assess a mannequin with different breath and heart sounds. This gives them another station to work at, and practice documenting a complete assessment. I like to include a wound, drain, or catheter. The instructors are able to correct their documentation and assessment technique.