Interprofessional Education

Indiana University Schools of Nursing and Medicine in Bloomington are seeking possible sites for future collaborations in interdisciplinary communication. We have developed and tested a rubric to measure individual and team communication skill sets critical to team building to assure safe patient care. We use first year and second year medical students paired with our juniors and seniors respectively.

If anyone is interested, please contact me via e-mail:
Deanna Reising
We are just developing our interdisciplinary education and simulation between our schools of nursing and allied sciences. I would love to see your tool and see if it would work for our setting. Kathy Ure   

I am interested in your tools and its implementation.  We current have a collaboration partnership with a medical center with a focus on interprofessional education and practice. 


Nikki Adepoju,


We are starting construction of our simulation lab and would consider using your tool to evaluate how our staff communicates. The improved communication from simulation is one of the main points we used to gain approval for the simulation lab in a small community hospital.

Deb O'Hay, MSN(ed)/MHA

Educational Services Coordinator

Fort HealthCare, Inc.

Fort Atkinson, WI 53098


I very interested in your evaluation tool. At the school we are beginning to look at interdisciplinary communication and teamwork. We are using STEPS.

Thank you

Bonita Kershaw


I would also be very interested in your evaluation tool. We are starting work across our campus on more deliberate interprofessional work between nursing, medicine, social work, physical and occupational therapy, drug and addiction studies, and physician assistant training.


Amy L. Jones, RN, EdD
University of South Dakota

I also would like your tool. I am leaning towards a dissertation topic that would examine the effects of multidisciplinary HFPS on acute care RN's perceived ability to transfer certain learning (collaboration, clinical reasoning,assertive leadership) skills to the actual clinical environment. Thanks!
i am interested to this

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