Developing Simulated Learning Experiences


I am looking for a simple scenario for 2nd semester ADN students. Has anyone had the experience with creating one. I am new to simulation and any help would be greatly appreciated.




You can email me and I will send you what I have.



I would like this information on a burn scenario as well.



can i have the burn victum scenario,,

i would like to have the burn victum scenario please...


Would you send it to me also? I will be happy to share what I have for second degree undergraduate students, mostly.

Thank you!


We use a burn pt as a second semester scenario. We moulage him up with third degree burns covering about 36% of his body. They are charred and even sound crispy when touched. He is unresponsive since being admitted to ICU. Moans in response to pain. Has NS running. VS and I/O every hour. Consult ordered with wound care nurse, and ordered obtained for sterile dressing changes. Silver sulfadiazine ordered, the goal is for them to follow previous pain control orders and to administer pain meds BEFORE doing the sterile dressing change. To also be able to chart percentage of burned area. We also have ativan on board in case they do not medicate before and he is very responsive to pain to help calm him down. All orders are on the MAR and its up to them to decide when to give them, as they are all PRN orders. We also have labs in the chart to coincide with real lab values.

Hi Crystal,

I would be thrilled to see how you moulage up your patient to achieve that level of realism.  Thank you in advance.



Would you please share this scenario with me?  Thanks so much!

Karen Shepherd