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Re: BSN Capstone Project
by vickie valenziano - Tuesday, January 3, 2012, 1:08 PM
Jeananne, yes there are a lot of components to simulation. In my experience, because each program incorporates simulation differently, each program will have different challenges. Whatever idea sounds interesting to you is the one to chose. Many of the BSN and MSN students we work with in our ADN program chose an issue that we, as faculty, would like solutions to and then present their findings to us. You might want to connect with a local simulation program. By consulting with faculty it will help you to narrow the problem.

The two I would have liked to have more information on when I was setting up programs were 1) orienting students to the simulation process and manikins and 2) incorporating simulation into the schedule (using clinical time vs class time vs lab time). There is more information on both of these topics now so it should help with your research.

Good luck! And please share your findings with us.

Vickie Vaenziano
Simuation Lab Coordinator
Cuesta College
San Luis Obispo, California