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Change replace IV tubing vein arm skin sim man
by Mike McLoone - Thursday, December 15, 2011, 9:32 PM
Need help replacing the skin and vein system. It is difficult to replace the skin over the arm. We have tried to use baby powder, I have read some other suggestions to use dish soap. Any help would be appreciated.
We found that using a few pieces of tape to ensure the veins stay put and then using dish soap works. We use two people-- one holds the arm and the other the skin.

Good Luck
Using a hair dryer to warm up the skin to ease it over the wrist works well too

I got it !

I used soap. But first I pulled the arm about half way inside out. Soaped up the inside of skin, including fingers and up to wrist area. Soap applied to arm fingers and wrist. Squeeze lower thumb on arm to slide skin up to that point. Stick your hand into the other end of skin to feel the fingers and make sure they are in the correct place. Push on fingers a bit to spread them out as you slide the skin up to the wrist and past the thumb area. Feel inside to make sure fingers are in place. Sometimes this took a few attempts. Then soap up the rest of arm and skin and slide up arm. I used used paper tape to keep the veins in place. Thanks for all the suggestions. Mike
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Re: Change replace IV tubing vein arm skin sim man
by cindy cole - Monday, December 19, 2011, 8:30 AM

It is quite a chore... The problem we had recently when replacing the skin, was that the skin was too small for the Manikin. We tried everything, dish soap, powder, even soaking in really hot water. Nothing worked, finally had to ask Laerdal to send us another one and that one fit. Dish soap does work best when putting on the skins, you can also  try placeing skin in really hot water for a while to soften it up and make more pliable (that may help some).

Good luck!