Developing Simulated Learning Experiences

We are going to have a shaken baby syndrome scenario for our 4th semester students.  Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated. 

We do a shaken baby syndrome scenario for 2nd semester jr level peds students. The baby is being ruled out and has confirmed skull fractures, rib fractures and inconsolable crying. The student gets night shift report about all the workup diagnostics and consults pending including social work to explore issues. Baby is currently stable and just being evaluated.

During assessment and talking to mom/dad, the baby has a seizure (Baby Hal). The basic goals for sim are assessment, notification, implementation of interventions (IV anticonvulsant, oxygen therapy), and evaluation of interventions. Professional behavior is threaded through all our sims. In debriefing, additional discussion explores the importance of seizure precautions, documentation of the seizure, and abuse issues. Students are asked to complete an online Blackboard reflective journal assignment prior to their next sim (one week). We currently use sim for formative learning purposes.

I suppose you might extend the activity to an acute care situation to include monitoring and ICP issues (bulging fontanel, vs changes, ms changes).

Hope that sparks some ideas for you~