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I think it would be fun to start something like: You Know When You Work In Simulation When You…

Here is my first one: go shopping, look at food and think to yourself:That would make great pus or nasaldrainage.

Add your experiences or ideas big grin


let your students kill their patients so they can learn from the experience.

You see blue eye shadow for .25 cents and get excited!

I would modifyKathleen's to say : You hope your students kill their patients to enhance their learning experience.

Strap on breasts appear on your bank statement.
That is a good one, and very funny!
Run to the Holloween store after Halloween for the sales for wounds, blood, wigs, and such. :)
Thats exactly what we did. Purchased makeup, wigs, etc. all for 50-75% after Halloween.
When many if not all of your patients are synthetic!(unless of course you work with only standardized patient actors) :)
This IS fun!!!
When you get excited about pus and nasal drainage!

Shopping becomes a lot more fun when you are walking down the cereal isle in the grocery store thinking what wonderful things you can make with oatmeal and instant coffee!!! ok.... did I get carried away? Maybe. :)

When you enter the room in the morning and say to the manikin "Hi Stan.  How was your night?"

Vickie Valenziano

Or. . . "Guys?  Why are all the bed brakes off?"
I thought I was the only one who did that! I also get very defensive when someone refers to them as dummies!
That is not carried away. Pudding = Pus, Baby food = nasal drainage and stools, jello = blood clots... Oh there is so much more smile
You say,  "I'm scared.  Am I gonna die?" in a sickly sounding voice at least 3x/week.
You are clothes shopping with your husband and you ask him if he thinks this would fit or look good on SimMan
Shop for baby clothes and the only baby you know is connected to an air compressor. . .


When you are embarrassed for Sim Man when students do not protect his/her modesty!

Speaking of baby and air compressor- I just learned from Steve at Laerdal that if you use a bassinet for Sim NewB like we do, you can have someone cut a doorknob size hole in the bassinet to run the wires through, so it is more realistic.


I love all of the comments !


You've become an expert at making your voice sound like a man or a woman, but sometimes forget which you are supposed to be.
You are shopping at Goodwill and discussing with your partner the merits of purchasing dresses and panties for when "Hal" is a girl and football gear and spiderman underwear for when he is boy and you realize you are getting "the eye" from the other shoppers.
You take home the linen to wash because iStan wet the bed.

You make sure all of the manikins are tucked in their beds comfortably before you leave.
With callbell and bedside table in reach!!!! LOLsmile
You apologize to your manikin as moulage bruises.

Call the mattress factory looking for odds and ends of memory foam for them to donate to the school for pitting edema on your manikin.

Debrief your family on their Valentine's Day experience!
When you have no problem setting your lunch in the refrigerator next to all of the refrigerated "body fluids!"
When you have run the ETOH detox scenario so much that you think you have a problem!
You tell your family you'll be home after you help move the bodies...
When you answer your phone in the control room as a breathless COPD patient struggling to breathe.