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Evaluation of Simulation Lab Faculty
by Phyllis Lauer - Monday, September 12, 2011, 9:39 AM

Hello Everyone,

     I am the Simulation Lab tenure-trace faculty and Sim Lab Manager in a community college setting up a Sims Lab.

     I really, really would appreciate any input, any samples of Sims lab faculty evaluation forms, and job description that you would be able to share with me.

  Here's a sampling of my responsibilities (those related most closely to Sims Lab),

However, I would appreciate all available input in how Sims Lab faculty can be evaluated.  I can extrapolate from any of the materials or information that you share with me.

Thank you!!!

     In essence, I'm teaching in all nursing courses.  I am going to be doing Sims in multiple courses including Health Assessment, Fundamentals, Med-Surg, Maternal-Child, and Pediatrics, to name a few of the courses I am starting with.

    I do all scenario writing (some scenarios I will be taking and adjusting to our needs from Elsevier/ Evolve), but most will be my creation.

   I do all programming of the Sims people (we have a complete family and pregnant mom).

   I have my own Moodle account in which I will be producing content for the students to review prior attending their Sims Lab sessions.  I will be producing videos also.

   We will be taping Sims Lab sessions when the faculty wants this done---which will be most of the time.

  I also am on the Curriculum Committee and will be integrating Sims Lab content into our Curriculum.  (I am on other committees as well.)

 The course faculty will attend with their clinical students.  However, i also plan to write scenarios that I will do with the students on my own.  They will be able to sign up with me for small group (3 students) and we will do scenarios as part of their self-study.

 The only evaluation tools in existence right now are woefully inadequate for my position.  I have 3 evaluation forms that evaluate traditional classroom (and online) teaching.  There is one form called Sims lab faculty evaluation, but it does not address what I actually do----and has only 5 points to evaluate on it----some of which do not apply to my position.



                                   Phyllis Lauer,RN-BC,MS,APN-BC