Developing Simulated Learning Experiences

Joyce, sorry for the late reply. I think many of us struggle with this because we all have such different needs, resources, schedules, etc. I am always looking for ways to do this. At our ADN program, each semester handles it differently depending on what the faculty want. In our first semester, we take them from clinical and do several short scenarios to introduce them to simulation, and get them ready for acute care patients. All faculty participate with their group. Their second simulation that stsemester is called out-rotation and several students from each clinical group are sent to me from clinical and I have them by myself for about 6 hours. Really a challenge as I need to do it myself, however, also gives me freedom to structure it. We add documentation, skills, prioritizing nursing diagnoses, etc into this day to give us all a break from straight sim.

OB/Peds sim is done on orientation day. Take 30 to 45 minutes out of the day to do a Post partum and peds sim. Again faculty are there so we work together.

Third and fourth semesters are done during scheduled labs so also have faculty present.

Hope this helps.