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Does anyone have a job description for standardized patients?  Does anyone have any policies or protocols for using standardized patients in a scenario?  Does anyone have a policy for using children below the age of 18?  Any help would be appreceiated.  We are thinking of using live actors for Mental Health scenarios in the Fall.



Susan, I went to a Certification Program in Simulation at Drexel University this past January. It was so great and I am sure they have a job description for standardized patients. I have used other faculty members as standardized patients for Mental health Scenarios. You could always contact someone from Drexel who might be able to help you.

There is value in using students as standardized patients. I have seen this done and have done it myself. The student is told ahead of time to allow for their preparation. We also meet with them to explain how we view their role. Works especially well in the mental health scenarios.

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Re: Standardized Patient Job Descriptions
by Wendy Grbach - Tuesday, July 12, 2011, 9:59 AM

HI Susan,

We dont have a formalized job description or policy, but great idea to consider.  We do use SP's in our Mental Health sims, actually myself and my colleague are the patients.  The course faculty assisted in our training, and we spent time observing in one of our facilities to enhance realism.  Have been doing this for a year now and students really appreciate and are positive about this sim in particular.

We also have been doing multi patient simulation for over 2 years and again use SP's, faculty and non-faculty to support roles when needed.  They are given specific info and scripts to follow to align with the objective of the sim, but as we all know, students can take you a different pathway than anticipated...they have become adept at ad libbing where needed.

Looking for others suggestions as well.

Wendy :)