Simulation Centers and Faculty/Staff Development

We are a busy Sim Center without a Sim tech person. I am attempting to pitch for our own tech person. It would help to know tech staffing at other Sim Centers. Do you have a full or part-time tech person for your Center? How many high fidelity manikins and technologies do you have? I'd love to know...... Thanks for your replies - it will help me so much! Sandy
Hi Sandra,
We do simulations in our nursing department. We have two labs set aside for simulations. We have two hi fidelity mannequins and two vital sims and HARVEY.

We had a simulation support lab tech this semester for the first time. He worked 35 hours/week and could easily have done 40. We had him help with ordering and inventory and cleaning the mannequins so he kept busy.

Unfortunately, funds are currently not there for next year. We are hoping to get this to be a permanent position in the near future as it was very beneficial to faculty.
We have 7 rooms, 4 high fidelity adult mannequins, and 2high fidelity infant mannequins.  We run and average of 100 simulations week, each lasting 1 hour.  We are adding 1 high fidelity birthing mannequin and 1 high fidelity child mannequin.  We have 1 full time simulation support person and 1 full time simulation IT person budgeted.  We currently have a simulation IT person and are looking for a support person or tech.
As our program is expanding space and simulations both, I wondered if you could share with me what the 7 rooms are you have in your center and what, if any space needs you have? Also, what are the IT qualifications?

I am looking for a recommended salary for this position....12 month, only IT person in the lab, involves one whole floor of hopsital, sim and practice labs.