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Inventory/consumable tracking software?
by Tim Hardy - Thursday, November 25, 2010, 12:46 PM

We are attempting to put in place a system of tracking skills trainers, simulators, and consumable supplies for multiple disciplines.  What program(s) is everyone using?  Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Tim Hardy
Blinn College Simulation Center

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Re: Inventory/consumable tracking software?
by Kathleen Atchison - Thursday, November 25, 2010, 3:03 PM
We have just started using Education Management Solutions.  It is a software package that automatically deducts supplies used in a simulation/training when you schedule that simulation/training. You can also create notifications when your durable equipment is due for service.  There is upfront work entering sessions and supplies to be used, and creating a calendar for service. 

We are moving into our new nursing building in Jan and at the end of the month will also have the EMS system which is suppose to help us with inventory.  Was the software hard to understand at first for you?  I am excited about getting familiar with its features.  I have been running semester clinicals due to lack of clinical space with 6- 10 students at a time and have found our Pyxis machine very helpful.  But ours is too small for all the drugs needed.  Does the EMS system have the capability to manage inventory for drugs also?

Thank You,

Susan Ramnarine-Singh

Central Texas College

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Re: Inventory/consumable tracking software?
by Kathleen Atchison - Friday, November 26, 2010, 4:24 PM

We are jut one step ahead of you with moving into a new space, EMS, and Pyxis.  (Started last month)

The EMS system is hard to learn.  There are several different forms that can be purchased, so it depends on what you will have. 

It can track all of your inventory.  However, there is a lot of up front work.  First, you must enter all of your existing inventory (limit it to consumables to save yourself time).  With boxes of needles and syringes you have to enter them by the 100s instead of 1 box.  For each scenario, you must enter all equipment that will be used during that scenario (again, just consumables).  When you schedule that scenario, it will deducct those items fron you inventory lists. 

It does not automatically deduct used or broken items that were not preplanned to be used during the scenario scheduled.  You would have to go back and do that manually.  You also can't account for use of items like purell, tissue, or fake urine this way.  I have the teachers make a list of those things during simulation so that the Tech can enter them later.

It is not comprehensive, but it is automated.  And, you can print reports on useage for your annual budget.

I'm counting on the Pyxis Machine to inventory medications.  We have the small cabinet with 2 Cubie drawers and 1 Matrix drawer.  I think that should be plenty for me.  How many drawers do you have in your Pyxis? 


Wow, it sounds time consuming for me.  Our Pyxis Machine is small and has I remember 25 drawers that can have  5 sections.  Then there is a big space in the bottom for IVs.  Thank you for the information.  Where is your Simulation Center?

Susan Ramnarine-Singh

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Re: Inventory/consumable tracking software?
by Kathleen Atchison - Saturday, November 27, 2010, 5:20 PM

Oh!  We only have the Pyxis Medstation (2 drawer), not a big cabinet.  Meds are dispensed from there.  We want to keep close track of them because of the need to make labels for them and get them into the machine.

Scenario specific supplies are placed in a bin in the control room by the tech when the room is set up (like blood bags).  These are things that are deducted by the EMS system.

We keep commonly used supplies (like oxygen masks and syringes) in carts in the rooms.  When we have to pull out a new box of something (like alcohol wipes or gloves), we know it's time to reorder a box. 

My Sim Center is in Anaheim, California.